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Deeper Insights into today's Thought for the Day 9/2/09

Thought for the Day: To paraphrase the saying~ that there is no heavier object in the world than the body of a woman you have ceased to love...the same is true of your direction and goals. When they no longer represent your passion it is time to rekindle the fire or move on to something that does. You deserve it!

After we have been working towards one of our goals for a while, we can forget what the goal means to us. We might be sidetracked by the details of life. Or it is a long range goal that needs our renewed dedication to sustain us for success. We need to re-examine why we wanted the goal in the first place. Decide what it means to us in relation to our lives now. If we still desire this goal, we need to relight the fire that was inside of us when we created the plan. Finding the passion and commitment that we had will push us forward to reach success.

Other times, our lives have changed and our goal no longer are desired for our lives. For example, when you were 20 you wanted to sail solo around the world. You plotted your journey and started saving for your adventure. A couple of years later, you met and married a fabulous person. You buy a house and have a couple of children. You are now 40 years old, have the money to take your trip and you pull out your map with the journey plotted out around the world and look it over. You realize that you no longer want to go. In fact, now you know that you become incredibly sea sick. Or maybe you just dread the idea of spending all that time alone. You are not going to work toward something you no long want or are passionate about. A heaviness will overcome you when you think about your one time passion. It is time to cut it loose and move forward with what you are passionate about now.

Finally, you might alter your plans to include your family in your adventure. So you need to make the necessary alterations to your plan to include them. Sometimes we need to look at our goals to see if they need tweaking. You will often find that after reaching a goal in one area of your life might alter your goals in some of the other areas. You just need to see where you stand now in those areas.

Find and keep your passion. You deserve it!

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