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Deeper Insights into Todays Thought for the Day 9/23/09

Thought for the Day: Sometimes we are handed an unexpected detour in our lives. How one handles these changes says quite a bit about who they are. To make the transition easier, create a plan on how to move forward. The uncertainty of a situation... is much harder to deal with, than knowing where you want to go.

Wouldn't it be nice if life happened exactly as we had planned? Or would it? The detours we face in life shape and mold us into who we are. Often, it is through these life altering events that we decide to make much needed changes in our lives.

How you perceive these changes determines how you cope with them. If you are out of work, you could focus upon the negative that it is OR you could focus upon what you do have going for you. Whether that is your health, loving family or etc there is something positive in your life now.

Creating a plan of action not only gives you somewhere to focus that restless energy that comes from these detours, but also a building block for creating another path...a better path. A path that you might not have considered otherwise. The plan will sustain you through the initial change and guide you onward. You can always change your plan later...but having a plan helps you to gain some solid footing in times when there seems only to be quicksand. It is the rope to pull you out. Get into the habit of creating your "new normal" quickly. It is the not knowing that is scary.

Much success to you all who are facing hard times or difficult changes.

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