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Deeper Insights Into Today's Thought for the Day 11/24/2009

Thought for the Day: With experience comes wisdom, but also fear. In what ways has fear crept into Your life and kept You from doing the the things you have always wanted? Now is the time to let that fear go.

It is amazing how fear creeps into our lives and takes over. Slowly at first, but increasing with time. Fear is the thief of our dreams.

Wisdom is one thing....but fear without trying is another. When you haven't tried, you do not know whether you can accomplish something or not. The fear of failure and embarrassment keep people for attempting their dreams. Fewer people regret trying and failing than those who have never tried at all.

Sometimes we do fail at what we were trying to accomplish. We absorb the lesson that it didn't work maybe with the understanding of WHY it didn't work. However, now we are afraid to try again. Few achievements are made on the first attempt. It took Edison over 1000 tries before he created the light bulb. It took Ford's Team 4 years to create the unheard of and "impossible" V-8 Engine. So expecting perfection from oneself on the first try is quite a high standard to have. Hopefully, you won't have as much to learn as Edison or Ford's Team. What you have when you fail is an opportunity to learn what NOT to do...and maybe some things that did work for you. Success comes from learning from our mistakes.

So get out there, reclaim your dreams, and create YOUR Success! Just remember, YOU deserve it!

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