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Thought for the Day: Never miss an opportunity to say "Thank you", "I'm sorry", "I appreciate you" and "I love you". Often, these are the comments so many regret they did not say.

In my previous volunteer work, I met many people who have just experienced losing someone. The police, firemen, and/or investigators were still on the scene. The thoughts that would run through the minds of those who were raw with emotional pain were often those they did not express when they had a chance. Even years later, after a tragedy it was those same thoughts people struggled to forgive themselves.

Say Thank you to those who you know have helped you in your life to be your best. Such as a former teacher who was hard on you, but you learned so much from. Or the guy in the corner office, who mentored you in your first job. Those special people often did so selflessly because they saw something about you. Honor them by giving back to others.

Also, be sure to appreciate the little things everyone does to make your life easier or better. Not only will you make that person feel ten feet tall, but by being grateful for the little things helps us to be happier and more satisfied with our lives. Underneath it all we are human and have the same basic needs (after food,water, and shelter) be loved and appreciated.

There are many who wish they could have said they are sorry for comments or actions they have made, but were too prideful to do so. Those lost opportunities seem to provide the most regret later. Whether they let someone go from their lives because they could not say it or lost someone to a tragedy after a fight...losing someone to anger is an extremely painful experience. Regardless of who is right or wrong, "I'm sorry" is a very healing statement few will regret saying.

Saying "I love you" is a precious gift. Whether or not it is reciprocated, it is still a gift. Should someone offer you their love, but you do not feel the same, be gentle. Never ever miss an opportunity to tell your family, friends, and loved ones that you love them.

Today, when I reflect on 9/11, I think of all those people who remember these lost opportunities. I am sure every survivor (and those who did not) wished they had said "I love you" to their loved ones that morning. A few wished they could say they were sorry for the fight they had. Some had friends they wanted to thank or tell how much they meant to them. The time to say and do those things is now....always now.

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