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Deeper Insights to today's Thought for the Day 11/11/2009 and 11/12/2009

First Happy Veterans Day everyone in the States! To those of you who have served....THANK YOU! I'll be adding this to the thought of the day later today.

Thought for the day: Success follows strong Focus and Vision paired with taking Action.

Also what I call V+F+A=S

This is your basic formula for success. If you are not reaching your goals, it is because one of these areas is being neglected. Nine times out of ten it is the Action part of the formula. We love to dream, but allow fear to prevent the execution. When you see someone who has stopped at action, it is that person who researches and researches and researches......but not moving into the action part. When they have stopped at focus, they have a dream...but never take the time to research it or study it any way. They just have a vision they like to think about.

Tomorrow's thought for the day will be "Vision is the dream, Focus is the decision you make to reach your dream, and Action is what you do after making the decision" All of these parts are imperative to reaching success.

There are a few who fall into success, but they are a minor few....and they may not be reaching THEIR success, but what others perceive as success.

For example. the gentleman who leads the group "Airborne Toxic Event" has had a few successful songs. Many of you would consider him a success given that he has reached heights few reach. However, I am unsure whether he considers himself as a success. He wanted to be a novelist and fell back on singing as a way to make ends meet. Did he meet his measure of success? Only he knows how important singing was to him also. If the writing is more important, then his measure of his success would be completely different than yours.

All of the greats have put their Vision (dreaming what they want), Focus (spending much time thinking and replaying how to do it better in their minds), and Action (practicing many hours...though happy to do it!) for the Success they have reached. So will you, if you want to make your dreams come true.

Much success to you!

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