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Now that the New Year is off to a start, I wanted to hear from you what Resolutions you have set for yourself, what are your successes so far,  and what challenges are you facing.  By now, you should be well on your way to meeting your starting goals.

Some business goals I have:

*Finish the new website and dedicate this one for group coaching and Mastermind groups

*Move into group coaching almost exclusively.

*Create an online tele-seminar series with select Business partners for late Spring/Early Summer

*Finish my Ebook "The Power of Words".  Current Members receive an exlusive view of part of the book.

*Partner with others who offer great service and inspire others.


*Website is 80% complete

*Added a Daily Update to this site (see above)

*Participating in a teleseminar series for a Coaches Mastermind  "The Power of Your Words"

*Interviewed top talent in the Coaching world for TCE radio such as, Michael Port, Michael Bungay Stanier, Kendall Summerhawk, Jackie Lapin, Peter Sherer, Dr. Relly Nadler, Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Jennifer Wilkov, Jennifer Davey and etc.

* Already talking to teleseminar Experts who I think would offer excellent information to help you all succeed this year.

*A Secret to be revealed soon


*Need an assistant to handle the details so I can really focus on YOU!
       Plan of action ~Researching and hiring in early February.

Meanwhile, I have a special surprise for you all in February. 

I really want to see you all succeed past your expectations this year. Let me walk with you on your journey to Excellence.  Look forward to reading your responses about your plans. May you all have Much Success in 2010!

Best regards,


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