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Happy Thanksgivings America and Thoughts on Gratitude

Greetings Friends,

While I am sitting here listening to Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie as part of our family tradition for Thanksgivings Day, I thought I would write you and share with you some of my thoughts on gratitude and what I am thankful for this year.  If you haven't listened to Alice's Restaurant, I highly recommend it. Warning, it does have a couple of questionable words in it.

This month has shown me repeatedly it is the relationships you have with others that matters more than what you have or attain.  Just during the last month, we have had multiple losses of family and friends. So, like some of you, our holiday will be missing some important people at our table.  Remember them and toast them with appreciation for what they brought to your life.

Others of you have family members and friends who may be facing challenges of their bodies or lives.  Hug them close to you as they need you. Take the time out to let them know how important they are to you.  Think of ways you can be in service to them.

Also,  I am sure you always do this, but this holiday take a moment to look around your table and appreciate every face. Hold them with love and gratitude. When all the family craziness happens, remember why you are there and what you are celebrating to give perspective...and patience. 

Finally,  Happy Thanksgivings Day to those of you who celebrate...and those of you who do not. I appreciate you and thank you for being part of my life. I am truly blessed to know so many wonderful people who brighten my every day.

Be safe and make many Happy Memories!

Much love,


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