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Thought for the Day: Take the time to appreciate the little moments. Hold them within your heart to pull out on those days when you need them.

Whenever something wonderful happened, my mother would always lean over and say "Remember this, so you can pull it out when you are having a bad day."  She was absolutely right. On those tough days, I would feel a little better about myself or a situation when I pulled out a similar situation in which things went well.  They may not be exact matches, but I always looked for the ones that closely resembled the current climate I was in.  If I didn't have one, I pulled out happy memories to change the attitude state I was in. 

As an exercise, try this:

1. Think of how you feel right now.
2. Think of something bad/unhappy that has happened.
3. Did you feel better or worse?
4. Now, think of a happy memory. Something special to you.
5. Did you feel better or worse?

Ultimately, you can control how you feel in your normal daily life. You can choose to help yourself feel better or worse depending upon what you focus on. Have you ever noticed that when we feel good and happy, the doors of the world seem to open for us? This is because we are open to new opportunities.  We literally have cleared our brains of focusing on issues it needs to deal with in the background, so we can see better the possibilities around us or to create new opportunities.

 When you are having a bad day, take a few minutes break from the world and just pull out your book of happy memories. Give yourself 5 minutes to spend with them.  You will be refreshed to face the day again....and maybe change it into a better one.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Please share your comments below.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Way to go Stacey! Simple but brillant. Thank you. Will defintetly use this. Ill spread the "wealth"/ knowledge. In my buss. -fixing broken windows/glass, everyone has had a broken window. Some people act like its the end of the world and some chuckle and say "Oh well, lets get it fixed and move on" Its all in the attitude...I try to start every morning listing the things that im grateful for. Everyone a happy Valentines day!
I appreciate your gracious comments Terry. I guess you do meet all types! Some people see a crisis in everything and others rarely.

Starting your morning with an attitude of gratitude is an excellent way to start your day. You are smart to appreciate what you have daily.

Thank you for sharing, Terry!

Perhaps the best compliment to this idea is the "Gratitude Journal." While this is a traditional book found in your local bookstore, I recommend that people don't stop there. Keeping good memories also includes making plenty for other people. For Example:

Every since my first stint in the Silicon Valley, I've kept every good, positive comment people have emailed me. I print the emails up and keep them in a folder right at my desk. This gives me a tangible reminder of good things on bad days.

However, I also try to give out as many of those as possible. Recently an old co-worker found me on Facebook. He still had the letter of recommendation I wrote him from 11 years ago. It was one of the most inspirational things he's ever kept. Now, he writes inspirational quotes on Facebook at 7 am everyday.

Keeping things positive is a circle so give and receive. Learn to say thank you and not be shy about it. Learn to give compliments and remind people that sometimes life happens - not to get hung up about it.
Exactly Heidi!

I think it is extremely important to let others know they have touched your life in some way. Thank you for adding gratitude to this discussion. It definitely belongs here.

Best regards,

Helping others may be the most important 'thing' we can do our lives. If you fall down a thousand times all you have to do is get up a thousand and one times.
I enjoy getting out and riding my bike to recharge my day. A clear day in central trail to myself and the birds.
Gorgeous Day, beautiful bike ride. You should try the highway between Red Bluff and Arcata. Probably not the entire ride, but the begining is a biker's dream land of hills and dales!

I loved your laughter. happy Valentine's!
Id like the Downhills and the dales!:))



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