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Janice Weinberg~Leveraging Your Transferable Skills

Janice Weinberg is Founder of Careers Solutions, a Westport, Connecticut based consulting firm. She is also an author of two books: How to Win the Job You Really WantTM Career and Debugging Your Information Technology, a guide to 20 alternative careers for computer professionals. Having a background as a computer professional with IBM and General Electric, she was able to understand what skills would be considered assets to other fields.

In my interview with Janice Weinberg, she also looked at other fields outside of technology that could also use their skills in new career fields. If you are looking for a new career or know someone who is, you might be surprised to hear some of the crossover careers available.

If you are interested in purchasing Janice Weinberg's book Debugging Your Information TechnologyTM Career, you can purchase it through Elegant Fix Press at If you would like more information about Janice Weinberg or her consulting firm Career Solutions, please go to

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