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Was thinking about this song today. 

Yes, love is more than words. I always say, I hear what people say, but it is what they do that really defines them. If someone is telling you they love you, but hurting you, obviously they don't understand what love is...or using those words against you. If they are there when you are sick, drive you to your classes when you are hurt, make you dinner or help you move, you can bet they truly care about you. You don't need words to know it. So, in that essence, this song nails it. 

However, I believe in telling someone I love them as they are (or I am) leaving even if it is to the corner store. I want THAT to be the last message they hear from me.... 

So what do you think? Is showing love enough? Or do you think saying you love someone is just as important? Also, what is your criteria for saying "I Love You"? Do you wait for the mood to move you? Or do you wait for the "right" moment?

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