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Networking with people that want to really help one another.

How do you find team players that want to help one another?

I have been to business networking groups that meet once a week and can't find many of them. I work with a small number of team players online that I am VERY happy about. I am looking for a few more like minded people.

I was happy to find Stacey! And she did a nice interview with me on her BlogTalkRaido Channel. I put up a page for here on for "Business Coaching." I am happy to bring good people to her.

I am here to help team players. So check me out do a search on my name and give me a call anytime. I am looking for more GrassRoots Business Networkers.

In 2008 Online Business Networking with the RIGHT people had been a critical factor in maintaining and growing your business. In 2009 it's going to make ALL the difference!

Mark Barreres - 703-722-6012

Check me out online and call anytime. I use Skype just search my name.

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I live in The Shenandoah Valley of VA and this is a site that I have been working at for a number of years

If anyone would like to learn more on how we might be able to help one another please feel free to call me in the evening at 703-722-6012

Mark Barreres
Hey everybody I added Stacey Chadwell's info and photo to the front of

Mark Barreres on the road heading to FL. at 540-335-8190
Hello everyone I am working with a website that I feel will put the hose on a lot of the rip off people online that are charging people LOTS of money and not helping their clients.

Why pay for leads when you can join your own local business referral network of up to 1,200 other non-competing professionals in your own zip code willing to send YOU hundreds of referral leads for FREE? is revolutionizing communities by connecting thousands of business professionals together and forming local business referral networks, "it's like having a sales force of up to 1,200 other local businesses promoting me to everyone they know", states Rodney De Bose of San Diego, CA. is a Business Directory, Business Referral Network, and Referral Management System all rolled into one. It allows you to align with up to 1,200 other professionals within your area all willing to promote YOU to everyone they know. There is even an affiliate program that pays YOU to build your business!

It's and I feel so strongly about this site I have posted it on my front page of web site.

The cost is only $19 a month (month-to-month – no contract), but it really ends up costing you nothing since they pay you $7 a month for everyone you refer, and $3 a month for anyone your referral refers. In other words they pay you to build your own referral network! So if you sign up 2 people and they bring in 1 person it's FREE. This is not just a money maker, please take a look he does a webinar every week night.

If you are going to sign up please use my link >

Mark Barreres on Skype or 703-722-6012



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