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Profiles of Success' Stacey Chadwell Interviews the Image Architect Sandy Dumont July 9th

I will be interviewing Sandy Dumont on July 9th at our new time 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific!

Sandy Dumont is known as the Image Architect. She is a pioneer in the field of color, image psychology and impression strategies, with more than 30 years experience helping Fortune 500 companies and their staff improve their image.

Sandy has worked both here and abroad where she is recognized as the leading expert in her field. She was the image consultant for the Belgian State Television and has been featured on TV, radio and major publications throughout the US and Europe, including The Wall Street Journal, The London Financial Times, The NY Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Forbes, US News & World Report, FOX-TV, CBS-TV, ABC-TV, and MSNBC.

Sandy is the author of the forthcoming book “Powerful Women Don’t Wear Pink”, writes a monthly column for 3 publications and has written 5 e-books and produced 3 DVDs on the subject of image.

To get your Free copy of Sandy’s eBook ‘Tattle Tale Looks’ visit her website The Image Architect

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