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Sheri Ruston Interviews with Coach Stacey Chadwell on Profiles of Success

Sheri Ruston who is referred to as “The Flow Doctor” is a health coach, a Feng Shui Expert, a space clearing specialist, an energy healer, a published author, teacher, and speaker. Sheri was a Feng Shui columnist for “At Home in Palm Beach County” magazine and also for “The Alaska Wellness” magazine. She’s the author of "Feng Shui Made Simple: Room By Room" which is a critically acclaimed e-book and is available on her website at

Because of being inflicted with an autoimmune disease at age 12, Sheri has been on a journey of healing and self discovery ever since. She’s happier and healthier than she’s ever been. Since she learned so much on her journey, health and wellness have become her passion. Sheri has dedicated her life to bringing out the best in others by educating, empowering, and encouraging people from around the world to live their best lives now by creating optimum health.

She has defied all odds and has turned her adversities into advantages and assists spiritually- minded, hardworking, health seeking solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are having health challenges restore their health to feel fabulous and fit. She developed a unique healing system which involves rearranging the home using Feng Shui principles to create a nurturing and healing haven, redesigning the diet, removing toxins from the body and from the home, and reducing stress.

Most of Sheri’s work is done via the telephone; however, she does also work with a limited number of clients at their homes. Although she specializes in health, Sheri also provides general Feng Shui consultations for homes and businesses.

Sheri resides in South Florida with her two amazing daughters, Rachel and Erica, who are learning the importance of having optimum health at a young age.

You can contact Sheri by e-mailing her at She’s on FaceBook and you can connect with her at You can follow her on Twitter at Her telephone number is 561-236-2441. You can also reach her through Skype at sheri.ruston .

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