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This Goals to Create Success Class is a 3 month class where not only do we define what goals you have in all areas of your life (such as Family, Career, Finances, Health, etc), but we also create a strategy for you to reach those goals.

While you are making these changes you will need support to stay on track and motivated. When the new year changes, we often find ourselves still writing last year's date. We consciously need to remember the year date until it becomes the new habit. Or when we add a new activity to our schedule, we are not use to the change. We use calendars and other reminders until we have it memorized and can act on automatic pilot.

Making changes or adding goals is no different. You have to shift your mental gears and often your schedule, until it is automatic for you. This is why having support in your goals is important. When you have formed your new habit, you are ready to move forward without extra support.

Often while on your way to obtaining your goals, you see that it needs to be tweaked. This tweak also needs time to become part of your system and psychology.

This class will help you go from creating your goals to overcoming the challenges of changing your life to fit your goals, tweak your goals so they mirror what you indeed want, and finally help you to obtain them or take you to the place where you are unconsciously following your path.

Sign up for the class by clicking on the Goals to Create Success Class. All details will be sent to you.

Also, I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact me:

Phone: +1.702.925.8559

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