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Thought for the Day: Prepare for Monday, so you are ready to launch into a  successful week. Afterwards, go out and enjoy spending time with those who love and support you. Keep the Balance!

If you take a few minutes to write down who you want to call, what you have to do on Monday, and outline what you want to say to whom then, you will have a jump start on your week.  How nice would it feel to go back to your desk on Monday with your notes about what you need to do and when ready for you?  You could just launch into your week without even having to think about it. How much better do you think your week would be if you were successful on Monday? All from taking just a few minutes to organize yourself on Friday. 

The added benefit is you will have poured it out of your mind and on to paper so you don't have to remember it over the weekend...releasing your brain to focus on the important things weekends were made for...those you love and who support you.  Everyone needs down time.  Our work improves when we take time away giving our brains time to mull over our work and find different, better ways to handle ideas and situations.  This is often when creative new ideas surface.  Now, I am not advocating you should put your focus in this direction. Actually, I am saying it is a by product of taking time away. Your focus should be on being with and surrounding yourself with those you love and who support you in your endeavors.  Giving them your full attention.  Really being in the moment with them. Giving back to them what they offer to you. 

Also, give yourself time doing what you love and enjoy.  Spend time alone with yourself and your thoughts. Just be

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Enjoy!

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