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Thought for the Day:  You are what you do, not what you say. You define you.

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I know what to do, I just keep backsliding. Re: well everything. Eating , working out,making new friends,finishing projects, being a better husband...etc. Its like I get halfway there (where I want to be) and can't finish the job. uhhhh.Lost.
Hi Terry,

I sent you a personal email about this here. However, it helps to have someone to be accountable to. Especially when dealing with this brand of fear.

If you like, we can talk about your Blueprint for Success to see where you are heading and dig up the challenges you are facing. The first start of any program should be really recognizing what may hold you back, so you can face it. Whether or not you would like to pursue anything further, having this Blueprint will help you to move forward and recognize your pitfalls. Just email me about having a 30 minute conversation to start you on your path to success.

Much success,




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