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Thought for the Day and the Deeper Insight into that thought 8/29/09

Thought for the Day: Remember to keep the balance. If you are intense about your work, be just as intense about your family and play time. YOU (and your family) deserve it! Have an excellent weekend everyone!

The deeper insight on this thought is that too often we are focused upon just one area of our lives. We forget to put the same energy into the others areas that are just as important to us, but maybe are shoved to the side for the sake of the one.

For example, if you are hyper focused upon your work and keep it in the forethought, then you relationships suffer as your attention is not upon them when you are with them. You suffer as well because you are not taking the time to enjoy the reasons you work. By giving the same intense focus shows you honor that part of your life as well....and don't you deserve to have as much fun and love as the effort you put into your work? So work hard, play hard, and love with complete abandon.

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