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Thought for the Day in deep July 20th, 2011

Thought for the Day:  The making of a decision is what is hard, painful, and fear evoking.  After the decision is made, it is just a matter of implementing it.  If you are not acting, you still haven't made the decision.


What brought me to this "Thought for the Day" had much to do with my new launch.  I have been working, perfecting, and still not liking my new site.  Reason?  I haven't really made the decision to really jump into this.  Would it be good for others?  Helpful?  Needed? I can honestly say yes.  I know plenty of people struggling with Mindset, social media, and being successful.  So, why hold back?   


Want to know how powerful our brains are?     The decision to move forward with my project  means I will accept other truths in my life and will need to make even more difficult decisions....and clearly, I hadn't made those.  In other words, it might not be the actual thing in front of you that you really are avoiding, but the real issue behind the veil.  So, if you see yourself avoiding making the jump, it might not be the task, but the result and how it will affect/change your life in some way that you might be avoiding.


Search for the deeper truth, make the decision in this arena and you will be surprised how quickly everything flows forward.


Much success!



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