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Greetings Friends,


How are  you doing through the first month and a half into 2011?   Are you easily meeting your goals you set at the start of the year?  Or are you struggling a little? 


My goal was to have my new site up, membership site, and let you all in behind the scenes of what is going on by November.  Unfortunately, life gets in our way and our plans.  Ever have that happen to you?


Life decided my plans were to be close to my family and be their support during the last months of the year.  In October, my father in law suffered a minor stroke while I was in Dallas Mceeing The Coach Exchange Extravaganza.  Needless to say, the event and dinner with friends was a blur.  After landing in LV, Jeff takes me to see his dad. He looked good. Only minor speech issues.  Exactly a week later we are saying our final goodbyes.  My family's heart was broken. During this same time, we find out we have lost 3 more friends and family members  and two others who are terminal....what a month!  Thankfully, I had planned to have the last two months of the year off except for working on the new sites.   So,  I focused on my friends, family, and nuclear family.  


So, what have I been doing since the New Year?  Working on the sites I had planned for you in November. Planning to launch in March, "springing into the new Site".  This one will still exist, but a new one is on the way.


The new site is focused on Social media for those starting out as an entrepreneur or solopreneur or a small business wanting to learn how to "Be seen, Be heard, and Be known".  I'll be adding more information for those who have been utilizing social media, but want to know more.   One thing I am offering everyone is "The 3 Things You Absolutely Need for Your Media Kit". 


So between now and the launch, I am going to Romania for 8 days to be in a movie.  Just a little indie film and a little part, but I am excited to be involved. I have a bigger part in a future indie movie, but I'll let you know more about that one later.  Obviously,  I didn't want to launch a site and leave the country...Wouldn't be very polite to invite guests over when you know you are planning to be away! So, I didn't want to launch until I return home.


What do you do when life decides you are needed somewhere else? Just trust the flow and go with it.  You can always circle around and pick up where you left off....or you might realize you are suppose to go in this new direction all along. Either way, you will know in your heart what is  right.


This is the month of love.  Give love, show love, receive love, and be love.  You can catch my "Thoughts of the Day"  all about Love this month on my Facebook Fave Friends Page and Twitter.  I invite you to connect with me on both so I can see what YOU are doing too! 


Much love and success,




PS:  Don't miss Expert's Insights Radio:

Kim Clausen with Ready2Go Marketing on the 16th at 6pm ET/3pm PT

James Malinchak on the 23rd at 6pm ET/3pm PT




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