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Social Media Wave Crashes Over Publisher Who "Borrows" Article and Insults Writer.

Another viral story takes form over the web in Social Media. Dozens of well-known and respected bloggers are writing about Monica Gaudio's article being reused without permission in Cooks Source Magazine. The "publisher", Judith Griggs, for the magazine thinks content on the web is part of the public domain. Fortunately, most of us understand this is untrue.

The backlash towards this magazine and publisher is not unexpected given the condescending letter Griggs wrote… Continue

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The Coach Exchange Extravaganza 2010~Dallas, TX and 2011 Highlights

Last week, I had the privilege to be the MC at The Coaches' Edge Extravaganza. Wow! Did I have a fantastic time!! Dr. Cathy Greenberg gave everyone her book "What Happy Mother's Know". She is also a top leadership expert who works with the C-Suite all over the world. Sue Guiher also gave me (and signed!) her book "Stop Spinning Plates". She is also known as the "Belief Barracuda". Her metaphor for swimming in a freezing pool and jumping into life was outstanding. I came away from TCEE with a… Continue

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Take a Trip to Futureland for Success!

Thought for the Day: Remind yourself frequently about why you working toward your goals.

It is easy to get into a cycle of rising in the morning, dressing, going to work, coming home, and going to bed. Becoming numb to our own lives. Losing the idealistic drive of our youth.

Frequently, if not daily, I would recommend weekly taking a few minutes on Monday to revisit where you are going and how you… Continue

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When You Decide Your Will, It Will Be

The first step in any process is determining what you want your outcome to be. So, where do you want to see yourself in the next week, month, or year? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to be an author? Do you want to double the size of your business? Whatever your idea of success for you is, write it down.

After deciding where you want to be, you can then define the steps to accomplish your goal. It is only after determining the goal that the path to success becomes quite… Continue

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If you are going to be your own worst critic, why not also be your own best Cheerleader.

We are all quick to expect more of ourselves. When we don't meet our expectations, we immediately jump on the culprit. We pummel ourselves with comments we wouldn't dream of saying to anyone else. Giving

ourselves a real talking to, which only serves to beat up our own self esteem.

We should be kinder to ourselves. Forgive ourselves for accidents, issues, and etc., which may or may not be in our control. We should treat ourselves as we would our best friend, because isn't that… Continue

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You Control Your Success

Thought for the Day: You can do anything you decide to do. Just let go of any belief that limits your thinking...and take action to remove all doubt.

It is our belief in what we can or cannot do that decides our reality. If you believe you can accomplish a goal, your mind will be fixated on how to make it happen. Have you ever had the experience of trying to

come up with a solution to a problem, decide to put it away for now to concentrate… Continue

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Who Have You Forgotten to Forgive?

How many times have you forgiven someone who spoke a little harshly to you? Or someone who was a few minutes late? Or forgot to bring something to a meeting? Yet, how often do you forgive yourself for these minor transgressions? Most of us replay, rehash, and berate ourselves for the tiniest issue that we would give leeway to others.

Instead, when you start your internal tirade, STOP yourself and ask "Is this something…

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How to Improve Your Attitude

Whenever something wonderful happened, my mother would always lean over

and say "Remember this, so you can pull it out when you are having a

bad day." She was absolutely right. On those tough days, I would feel

a little better about myself or a situation when I pulled out a similar

situation in which things went well. They may not be exact matches,

but I always looked for the ones that closely resembled the current

climate I was in. If I didn't have one, I pulled… Continue

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You Can Reach Your Dreams with Passion, Determination, and Action

Thought for the Day: You can reach your dreams. Give them wings with Passion, Determination, and Action.

Remember when you have had the experience of really, really wanting something and doing just about anything to get it? Perhaps it was a coveted toy, fantastic car, or something less tangible like playing the piano or catching a baseball. When you desired to have the skill or object, you started a process of creating a plan of how to obtain it. In the back of your mind or… Continue

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7 Fears Keeping You From Reaching Your Dreams and How To Resolve Them

There seems to be about seven main fears people tend to have. Figuring out the particular category the fear is in also gives its antidote.

Fear of Failure is one of the top reasons people do not attempt to write their goals. In reality writing down goals and creating a plan will increase the likelihood of success and decrease failure rates.

The Fear of what others might think is another reason someone might not pursue their goals. Many people allow others opinions keep… Continue

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What Are the 7 Reasons You Should Write Goals?

Reason 1, thinking about your goals enough to write them out causes you to consider where you want to go in life. If you do not make those decisions, life will decide for you. Stay in charge of your life.

Reason 2, when you write your goals, a part of you starts the process of believing and accepting the goals you set for yourself.

Reason 3, with goals, you can plan the details to reach your goals. Without a destination, how do you know what path to take? Remember an… Continue

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Are You Marketing To Your Core Audience?

In slower economic times, your desire to pull resources together is natural. Focusing your marketing on your strongest purchasing base, is a wonderful way to boost sales.

Let's say you don't know who your core clients are, then this is the time to find out. If you are new and do not have clients, focus upon those who your product or service will be best received. For example, if you sell medical instruments predominately used by surgeons and sometimes by general practitioners and… Continue

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Last Day of 2008

It is a time to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past year. Was it what you had planned at the start of 2008? Did you reach the goals you set for yourself last January 1st. If so, Congratulations! What caused you to be successful? Ready to make new resolutions to overcome this year?

If you did not reach your goals, why not? What sidetracked you? Was it one of the big four of Fear, Focus, Life, or Lack of a Plan? What do you need to do differently in 2009 to make this the… Continue

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Number One Obstacle to Reach Success~Goals To Create Success

What do you think the number one obstacle preventing most people reaching their goals is? If you said fear, you would be close. It is definitely in the top ten. The number one issue most people struggle with is focus and maintaining motivation.

After the excitement is wearing off, the need for reminders begins to help continue the flow. Why do you think that is? Often, it is life getting in the way. When you are changing your schedule, such as when school starts or ends or a new job,… Continue

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Are You Adrift? How To Get the Goals to Create Success

Most people when surveyed say they want more happiness in their life. However, few people sit down to figure out what will make them happy. They do not take the time to find out what desires they have that need to be fulfilled. They just keep going forward expecting it to happen.

Some might say they want a better relationship with their spouse, better relationship with their child, others might say they want a better work environment and move into management. Now, these things might… Continue

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A Few Thoughts About Marketing...

Regardless of how the economy is doing, you should employ the following concepts into your business. In good times it can make your clients rave about you to everyone. In difficult times they will not only increase your referrals, but help your clients stay with you longer and return to you should they need to let go of the service briefly.

Recently, a study was conducted by J.D.Powers about Airline customers biggest complaint is customer service. Complaints about customer service… Continue

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