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Would you like to know how to stop cold calling and start warm calling? Would you like to know how to meet a higher level prospect and have that prospect be glad to meet you? The first step is stop treating people like prospects.

Recently I met an insurance broker. She and her husband were desperate to find a good home in a particular area. I said I would try to find the right person for her.

I called a businessperson in the area. She asked; who are you with? I said Pre-Paid Legal. She said I have Pre-Paid Legal. I said, that's great, but that's not why I called. There is an insurance broker looking for a home and I'm just trying to help. Do you know of the best real estate person in the area? She said, yes I may know of someone.

She gave me two names and I asked her about her business. After receiving some details I said, if there is anyone I can refer to your business, I will be happy to do so. She is now a member of my leads sharing group.

One name she gave me is a leader in a real estate firm. He is also a City Councilman and serves on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. I called and he returned my call with the name of Sandy who also works at the corporate office. I gave her the real estate buyer lead.

In addition, I had attended a business ethics conference and met the new CEO of a company with 11,000 employees. I called Sandy back with his contact information and suggested they invite him to a locally sponsored charity event. She called me back because they want to buy my wife and I tickets to the event and take us to lunch.

If you want to get people to warm up to you, then do something warm. Stop cold calling. Listen to what people need right now and try to find it for them. Then just trust the process. You don't know where or how it will come back to you, but your caring about others will be rewarding both personally and financially. Warm calling makes business, marketing and life much easier.

What can I help you find?

Jerry Chavers

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Comment by Stacey Chadwell on April 23, 2008 at 10:43am
Agreed! Excellent writing about relationships in business....and in general. Thank you for sharing your example. I love the story.


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