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7 Fears Keeping You From Reaching Your Dreams and How To Resolve Them

There seems to be about seven main fears people tend to have. Figuring out the particular category the fear is in also gives its antidote.

Fear of Failure is one of the top reasons people do not attempt to write their goals. In reality writing down goals and creating a plan will increase the likelihood of success and decrease failure rates.

The Fear of what others might think is another reason someone might not pursue their goals. Many people allow others opinions keep them from what they love and their success. Attempting a new pursuit surrounded by strangers at first might be a way to start. Most people do not care what strangers think of them. So starting around people one does not know will help lessen the fear. After a few successes it will be much easier to move to letting friends and family know.

Some people think that "It's too late, I am too old" In extremely rare cases this may be true, but statistically they probably have a 99% chance they are not too old. Quite a few people have gone into new careers of acting, singing (Susan Boyle comes to mind) and etc. Even in the extremely rare cases there may be ways or groups who still enjoy or are learning to enjoy that very same path. Research to find those groups. The bottom line is in this fear, the person already knows what it feels like not to try. The question they should ask is if they want more of that feeling or the opportunity at something wonderful?

Perhaps they are afraid because they lack confidence and full of self doubt about starting a new activity. The best way to face it is to become armed with knowledge on the topic to become more confident about the new goal.

Which leads us to perfectionism. After spending time researching, it is time to just jump right in and get the feet wet. Once people realize they know they can handle it their self doubt will leave and their confidence will soar!

"But people count on me" fear normally crops up here. Once people move past the above fears they reach this one. This feeling is normal and makes sense. The best question and focus would be better served concentrating upon how they can make it happen in a way that will not jeopardize those who need them. When the focus is put on "How" the mind is open to opportunities that might not have been considered or explored.

Finally, the granddaddy of them all, the Fear of Success. This is a surprising, but very real fear. People who are afraid of success often get into their own way through procrastination and other self sabotaging actions. To help overcome this debilitating fear, break up the goals into very tiny particles of the whole. Focus on completing these little steps only. These people should not focus on outcomes, just today's results. The goal will be reached quickly, sidestepping much of the fear.

Identify and tackle the fear! Good luck on the journey to creating the Goals to Your Success.

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Comment by Lee Woods-Dir. Search Operations on June 9, 2009 at 12:26pm

Great information and thanks for sharing. I know in starting my recruiting company about 1 year and 7 months ago I wrote a quote for myself. It goes like this,"Success Comes From Those Who Conquer Their Own Internal Fears or Doubts". It has been a tag line on our company website and on other Ning sites. Even though I've been in recruiting for 12+ years it was still a planning/goal setting process to get my company up and running!

Thanks again and you have always been a great professional resource for me. I hope others have the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge that you have to share!


Lee Woods
Director, Search Operations

Accurate Talent Solutions, LL


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