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Are You Adrift? How To Get the Goals to Create Success

Most people when surveyed say they want more happiness in their life. However, few people sit down to figure out what will make them happy. They do not take the time to find out what desires they have that need to be fulfilled. They just keep going forward expecting it to happen.

Some might say they want a better relationship with their spouse, better relationship with their child, others might say they want a better work environment and move into management. Now, these things might happen by accident, good luck, or because of someone else's efforts, but generally that is not the case. Usually, it comes from planning and taking the time to make it happen.

Without goals one is adrift in the sea of life. They go where the waves and currents take them. This might be where they always wanted to go, but often it can be out to the middle of the ocean floating in circles. Only those who have a plan can go on the journey and find what they are looking for and get to where they want to be. They navigate the waters and control their destination. They understand the different stops they might have to make on the way to acquire the necessary knowledge to move forward again.

If it is a better relationship you are seeking, it will take more than one date to bring the relationship back to a place you are both comfortable.

In business, it may be that you need to be in different positions to acquire those skills you need in order to be considered for the position you really want.

If you do not take the time for your relationship or understand where you want to go in your career, you are unlikely to reach those destinations. With goals you can create a plan of where you want to go and work your plan to get there.

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Comment by Kevin Hodge on March 12, 2009 at 2:23pm
Flexibility is the key as well! A hurdle at the finish line is just that ...the line is still in front of you. That was a the goal to reach. Turn on the afterburners and power thru it or jump the obstacle and fly into a succesful history of Olympic grace and passion.
Comment by Debbi on November 1, 2008 at 11:01am
This is wonderful! And just to add to Stacey's blog post if she doesn't mind!! : Remember to allow your goals to be changeable because you never know where life itself will take you, maybe to places far beyond the goals you have set or even imagined.


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