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Whenever something wonderful happened, my mother would always lean over
and say "Remember this, so you can pull it out when you are having a
bad day." She was absolutely right. On those tough days, I would feel
a little better about myself or a situation when I pulled out a similar
situation in which things went well. They may not be exact matches,
but I always looked for the ones that closely resembled the current
climate I was in. If I didn't have one, I pulled out happy memories to
change the attitude state I was in.

As an exercise, try this:

1. Think of how you feel right now.
2. Think of something bad/unhappy that has happened.
3. Did you feel better or worse?
4. Now, think of a happy memory. Something special to you.
5. Did you feel better or worse?

Ultimately, you can control how you feel in your normal daily life. You can choose
to help yourself feel better or worse depending upon what you focus on.
Have you ever noticed that when we feel good and happy, the doors of
the world seem to open for us? This is because we are open to new
opportunities. We literally have cleared our brains of focusing on
issues it needs to deal with in the background, so we can see better
the possibilities around us or to create new opportunities.

When you are having a bad day, take a few minutes break from the world and
just pull out your book of happy memories. Give yourself 5 minutes to
spend with them. You will be refreshed to face the day again....and
maybe change it into a better one.

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