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If you are going to be your own worst critic, why not also be your own best Cheerleader.

We are all quick to expect more of ourselves. When we don't meet our expectations, we immediately jump on the culprit. We pummel ourselves with comments we wouldn't dream of saying to anyone else. Giving
ourselves a real talking to, which only serves to beat up our own self esteem.

We should be kinder to ourselves. Forgive ourselves for accidents, issues, and etc., which may or may not be in our control. We should treat ourselves as we would our best friend, because isn't that the relationship you are suppose to have with yourself?

Let's take it a few steps further than just forgiveness. I recommend we become our own best cheerleader as well. If we are going to be our harshest critic, then it is only right to also be our own biggest fan.

Obviously, I wouldn't recommend you allow your head to expand and lose your heart in the process. I am advocating for you to celebrate when you do something right. Say aloud, I did a great job! Or give yourself the big "YES!" or "Score!" Maybe do an End-zone dance. Whatever it is, give your accomplishments and achievements equal time in your chatter with yourself.

If you are going fuss at yourself out loud and kick yourself for your small mistakes, then you should be on your feet cheering for yourself when you make a small victory. Try it. Bring back the balance of your words to yourself. Bring out your inner cheerleader for a Rah Rah session when you do something good. You deserve it!

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