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It is a time to reflect on what we have accomplished in the past year. Was it what you had planned at the start of 2008? Did you reach the goals you set for yourself last January 1st. If so, Congratulations! What caused you to be successful? Ready to make new resolutions to overcome this year?

If you did not reach your goals, why not? What sidetracked you? Was it one of the big four of Fear, Focus, Life, or Lack of a Plan? What do you need to do differently in 2009 to make this the Best Year Ever for you? What changes would you like to see for yourself this year?

Like many things, deciding what you want and putting it into action can be uncomfortable. Think of this as a present that you are giving yourself. What would you like to give yourself this year? What do you deserve? Do you want something better or do you want more of the same? All it takes is a little planning, action, and sustaining it until it becomes your habit.

If you want change, but need help with support or working toward your goals, then you have several options. Find a friend who will support your endeavors. Someone who will be honest with you when you are not doing what it takes to get you where you want to go. Someone you value and will listen to.

If you feel like you would respect the voice of someone who knows, understands, and helps others reach their goals, then hire a coach to help you attain yours. People use coaches to become the best in sports, careers, and just about every aspect of their lives. Why not you?

Most people need support to change their lives. Think of the last time you added something new to your schedule. You probably needed some form of support to remember it. Whether you used a calendar, notepad, or other form of reminder, you used it until you were confident that you would do what you needed to do on automatic pilot. We all start out something new consciously incompetent move to consciously competent, to unconsciously competent. It is only when we are unconsciously competent that we are on automatic pilot again.

However you decide to go after your goals, I wish you much success in 2009. May the rewards of your endeavors be ten fold what you expect.

Stacey Chadwell~Goals to Create Success

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