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Number One Obstacle to Reach Success~Goals To Create Success

What do you think the number one obstacle preventing most people reaching their goals is? If you said fear, you would be close. It is definitely in the top ten. The number one issue most people struggle with is focus and maintaining motivation.

After the excitement is wearing off, the need for reminders begins to help continue the flow. Why do you think that is? Often, it is life getting in the way. When you are changing your schedule, such as when school starts or ends or a new job, it takes a little reminding to do what you normally do on automatic pilot. After you have adjusted to the new schedule, then you start to act on automatic pilot again with the things you use to do at the new appointed time.

Now, when you are changing a behavior, it often changes your schedule. For example, if you decided you wanted to become better fit. You would now have to schedule in your exercise program that didn't exist before. As we have seen, just changing the schedule makes an impact on our autopilots and memory. Add in focusing on a behavior change increases it even more in difficulty. It is easy to let life (schedules, plan, and derailing habits) get in your way to your success. Especially when it isn't a new and shiny fun activity anymore.

Once you arrive at the place where you are acting on autopilot, you have successfully mastered the psychology of learning a new habit. That doesn't mean you don't need to work on or focus on your goal. It means that the road will be smoother and more likely that you will reach your goals as long as you keep your eye on the prize!

From Stacey Chadwell~Goals to Create Success

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