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Social Media Wave Crashes Over Publisher Who "Borrows" Article and Insults Writer.

Another viral story takes form over the web in Social Media. Dozens of well-known and respected bloggers are writing about Monica Gaudio's article being reused without permission in Cooks Source Magazine. The "publisher", Judith Griggs, for the magazine thinks content on the web is part of the public domain. Fortunately, most of us understand this is untrue.

The backlash towards this magazine and publisher is not unexpected given the condescending letter Griggs wrote Monica Gaudio over borrowing the article and complaining of having to edit it. This only served to inspire the internet community to take on this new cause for Monica. Thousands of people took time out of their day to share their thoughts about Judith Griggs, Cooks Source Magazine, their advertisers, distribution points, and how Monica should proceed with a court case.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, and many other social media sites will show an uptick in their activity due to this one story. Judith Griggs can count on internet "fame" joining the Woman Who Dumped Cat in the Trash and "United Broke My Guitar". Monica has everything she needs for a court case and plenty of support to get her through it should she decide to proceed.

All Monica Gaudio wanted was an apology on Facebook, an apology in the magazine and $130 (1300 word article at .10 a word) donated to outstanding Columbia School of Journalism. In this day and age, Judy Griggs would have saved herself the humiliation had she just really understood the power of social media.

For more information, please see the following:

Monica Gaudio at LiveJournal
Nihillistic-Kid at LiveJournal

To read about Cooks Sources' past transgressions with other writers and well known organizations, please read Ed Champions "The Cooks Source Scandal:How A Magazine Profits on Th...

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