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The Coach Exchange Extravaganza 2010~Dallas, TX and 2011 Highlights

Last week, I had the privilege to be the MC at The Coaches' Edge Extravaganza. Wow! Did I have a fantastic time!! Dr. Cathy Greenberg gave everyone her book "What Happy Mother's Know". She is also a top leadership expert who works with the C-Suite all over the world. Sue Guiher also gave me (and signed!) her book "Stop Spinning Plates". She is also known as the "Belief Barracuda". Her metaphor for swimming in a freezing pool and jumping into life was outstanding. I came away from TCEE with a huge desire to turn up the volume on my life's great work.

The event is held annually the day before the International Coach Federation kicks off. Viki Winterton of The Coach Exchange/Getei and Sherry Buffington of NaviCore International are the co-host for the show and do a fabulous job finding the best talent to present at the show. Viki and Sherry also offer something unique. All the Speakers sit among the attendees and answer questions during a wisdom circle, between each of the panels. The attendees have the opportunity to change tables and sit with each Speaker throughout the day.

This year there was an excellent line up of experts in the following Panels.

The Brain Science Panel
Featuring Dr. Joan King, Dr. Ann Deaton, and Dr. Sherry Buffington.

How You Can Get Rich with the Right-For-You Niche
Featuring Dr. TC North, Lisa Murrell, PCC., Ford R. Myers

The Number One Tool for Transformation-What makes an Amazing Coach?
Featuring Dr. Cathy Greenberg, Helen Kerrison, and Susan Guiher, MS, CCC

How to Magnetize Your Message and Attract All the Clients You Want.
Featuring Marcia Wieder, Michelle Schubnel, and Linda Claire Puig

(To read more about the above speakers, please go to: )

Each speaker brought such energy and possibility to the show it was dynamic to see them share and relate to the audience. Everyone I spoke with talked about how much they received, not only from the speakers, but also from the high level networking that was available at this exclusive event. Imagine being able to sit with, ask questions, and give your business card to Marcia Wieder (who is Jack Canfield's coach and has appeared on Oprah many times) or Dr. Joan King or Dr. TC North (who works with mental blocks of successful Olympians and sports teams). The attendees are often just as successful. There were top leaders from all over the world, who came just to attend this event.

Having interviewed all of the speakers for TCE radio show, I can tell you that each are approachable, thoughtful, and some of the most giving people you could meet. Meeting them in person, they were all of the above and much, much more. It has been a pleasure to get to know each of these individuals.

Next year also promises to be an outstanding show! First, it is in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Second, I have heard about some of the talent coming and you are not going to believe who is slated to be there! I'll let you in on one, Michael Gerber of "The E-Myth" fame will be speaking. I call him the Walt Disney of the Coaching world in my upcoming radio interview with him. He is just one of quite a few sensational experts you will meet at The Coaches Edge Extravaganza in 2011.

Now, I need to go and download the $2000+ worth of gifts from just attending the show! Can't wait to see what they have to offer there.

Thank you to Gina Morgan of NaviCore International for you expertise in event planning. You, Viki, and Sherry did a fabulous job. Can't wait to attend in Vegas, September 24th, 2011. Since they offer less than 100 seats, I have already signed up. I wouldn't want to miss the show next year! If anyone is interested in attending, please sign up. I would love to meet you.

Get the Early Bird Discount here:

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