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I think peoples passion for creativity has been laying dormant for far too long! If you find yourself asking "who am I?" or "what am I here for?"...the answer is
simple..your are here to be a co-creator w/ the Creator! We all have talents
& gifts that were deposited into us before we were born! Turn your focus
inward & reawaken the parts of your soul you have allowed to fall asleep!

Start creating...YOU!!!

Live the genuine YOU!

You are allowed to live out your dreams with the same passion our Creator had when He created all that we see and don't see!

Pay attention to your thoughts!
Your thoughts are the first step in the creative process!
What have you been creating in your mind?
Is it the genuine you?
Or is it who you thought you had to become?
Do you love who you are?
It's not wrong or selfish to be in love with...YOU!
What kind of self talk do you have going on inside of your head?
Is it positive words of love and encouragement or is it destructive words of self pity and self loathing?
Who's words are they?
Are they the words of truth from our Creator or,
are they opinions of others along with the judge/victim that likes to keep us in bondage?
Do you think our Creator sits and looks at Himself and thinks...
"I am so fat...ugly...stupid...never going to amount to anything...can't do anything right!"
We have the same power dwelling inside of our spirits...waiting to create!!!
We were created to create!

What puts a fire in your heart?
What motivates you?
What are you doing when you feel most alive?
When is the last time you were really present in your life.
The past can't be changed.
The future is really just our soon to be past, off in the distance!
FOCUS on right now...RIGHT NOW!

Let's begin to tap into the same love and passion our Creator instilled in us
before the beginning of time!
Let's get present!
Let's start loving ourselves!
Let's wake up to a love and a passion to create, to no longer be ashamed
of who we are and who we were created to become,
and let's not stop until our lives explode into the
creative masterpieces we have desired for for so very long!


What will you create today?

Sarah Ann Barilla

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Comment by Stacey Chadwell on March 24, 2010 at 9:54pm
Very nice Sarah Ann! Thank you for your contribution.


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