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The first step in any process is determining what you want your outcome to be. So, where do you want to see yourself in the next week, month, or year? What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to be an author? Do you want to double the size of your business? Whatever your idea of success for you is, write it down.

After deciding where you want to be, you can then define the steps to accomplish your goal. It is only after determining the goal that the path to success becomes quite clear. You will also be aware of and can take action of the possibilities surrounding you, which might have not been apparent with an unclear vision. For example, if you decided you wanted to see yourself as a finisher of a marathon. You can now plan a running schedule to help you meet your goal. You will also become more aware of local race opportunities you may not have noticed before.

When we move out of our comfort zone and into a new possibility, we often find fear dangling a carrot of excuse to put us back into our comfort zone. When this occurs, it is often helpful to have our plan to
follow. If we are not moving forward with our steps to reach the goal, out of our fear, it is time to create smaller steps and reward ourselves for taking action. To use our marathon analogy again, let's say we
are running weekly, but know we cannot finish a marathon yet. We hear about half marathons and 5k races in our area, however, we put off signing up for these races. We need to make a plan of action to fill out our paperwork and put it into the mailbox or drop it off. If needed we can dedicated ourselves to the task, we should assign a time and date to accomplish the goal. Next, we need to do something special for ourselves for accomplishing the task.

Your will, your desire, will take you through the barriers of fear. When you decide where you want to go, create the path to get there, and take action, your will, will be done.

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Comment by terry sperling on June 6, 2010 at 5:18am
What we think we can become.


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