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How many times have you forgiven someone who spoke a little harshly to you? Or someone who was a few minutes late? Or forgot to bring something to a meeting? Yet, how often do you forgive yourself for these minor transgressions? Most of us replay, rehash, and berate ourselves for the tiniest issue that we would give leeway to others.

Instead, when you start your internal tirade, STOP yourself and ask "Is this something I would get this angry about if someone else acted the same way?". If not, then ask "If I allow others to make mistakes, shouldn't I allow myself to make mistakes too?" This will help put it in the proper perspective.

Sometimes we interpret our subconscious as being a little too loud and critical. We need to rein it back into its proper place. When you feel the guilt of being late, forgotten something, and etc. What our subconscious is really trying to tell us is to make a better plan next time. That's it. So let yourself off the hook, then to quiet the inner critic, tell yourself how you can do it differently next time. You will be more relaxed and be able to move forward with a plan.

Keep doing the steps above until you systematically reach for your new plan instead of the tirade. Don't you deserve it?

Much success!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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