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You Can Reach Your Dreams with Passion, Determination, and Action

Thought for the Day: You can reach your dreams. Give them wings with Passion, Determination, and Action.

Remember when you have had the experience of really, really wanting something and doing just about anything to get it? Perhaps it was a coveted toy, fantastic car, or something less tangible like playing the piano or catching a baseball. When you desired to have the skill or object, you started a process of creating a plan of how to obtain it. In the back of your mind or very deliberately, you started figuring out how you can make the dream come alive for you.

You also spent time daily thinking about it and how you would feel to have such a thing. What you would do with it, if you did. Picturing yourself in the moment with it. You might even imagine what you would hear from other people about your ability or new acquisition.

So, you start working on your plan. Maybe doing one or two items that would propel you forward toward your goal without overwhelming you. You started the process so your passion could take over and pull you through your fear to success.

Perhaps you have had some setbacks in reaching your goal, but you kept trying. Maybe an unexpected bill came that you needed some of the money you were saving for your item to be able to pay it. Or perhaps the business you were creating didn't do as well as you expected. Maybe you needed to keep practicing or restructuring your plan until you had all the ingredients for success. Learning, as you go, what worked and what didn't.

With the wings of passion, determination, and action, you can achieve almost any goal you put before yourself. You will be able to surmount difficulties that present themselves and learn something in the process. Finally, you will succeed!

Much success!


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