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Thought for the Day: You can do anything you decide to do. Just let go of any belief that limits your thinking...and take action to remove all doubt.

It is our belief in what we can or cannot do that decides our reality. If you believe you can accomplish a goal, your mind will be fixated on how to make it happen. Have you ever had the experience of trying to
come up with a solution to a problem, decide to put it away for now to concentrate on other things, but while doing something else suddenly a solution came to you? Your mind will subconsciously work on the problem for you until it finds the answer.

However, the inverse is also true. If you believe you cannot accomplish a goal, your brain will tell you all the reasons why you can't. It will reassure you that you are exactly correct. Comfort you that you should not even try.

Why? Think of your brain as a computer. What you put into it, will only give you the results you requested. If you ask for negative statements about yourself or others, your brain will go through all its knowledge and give you examples and past comments to supply you with the negativity you requested. If you ask for positives, your brain will find all your achievements and praise. So, you really do control what you think and hear about what you can do.

Taking action is the biggest confidence booster there is. You are now proving to yourself that you can do it.
This message is taken into the brain, further opening the doors of possibility and acceptance that you can accomplish just about any goal. This in turn breaks down the rest of the barriers of the beliefs that limit you.

Now it is time to "Set it and forget it!" Go out and make your dreams come true! Much success!

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Comment by terry sperling on March 30, 2010 at 1:27am
Stacey so true, attitude is everything or at least a huge factor in our lives. I have experienced this a lot-'sleeping'-on a problem. Wake up and think.."why didn't think of that before?"

Computers-"Garbage in ,Garbage out"

My wife has a saying (she works in a computer help desk) P.I.C.N.I.C.----Problem In Chair Not In Computer..:))


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